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Alright all of you who don't really read my posts and those of you that do, I'm sorry about my very spontaneous posts. I'm doing my best to stay together and get everything and anything done. I will have my computer with me all weekend, hopefully will get some things done and such. Excited! I can now watch Sherlock and Merlin on my computer! YAY! Also, I'm down to two active twitter accounts (well okay, maybe three ish) Violin_Addict and Merthur_Emrys my Sherlock and my Merlin account. Lol ironic...
Anyway, I've missed you all, and I'm now thinking of making another Live Journal account. I need one that shows more of my Sherlockian side. I've fallen from what I love...I need to reclaim it!
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I'm not exactly into Dr. Who.  I don't think I ever was.  I do enjoy Star Trek and had a HUGE crush on Scotty from the original show and was devastated when the actor died of complications due to Alzheimer's.  I don't write fan fiction because I don't like to change the stories I become attached to.  However I am a big fan of Once Upon a Time, Being Human (the original British version NOT the scyfy one), True Blood (love the books and the show!), Grimm, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Borgias and I have no clue what else!

I'm not sure how much of a nerd that makes me, but I think I'm more of a nerd in the well-read-on-certain-subjects sense like psychology and some history, etc.

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Man of Fire and Ice

Slightly a Bit Upsetting...

I'm kind of sad that no one has come to join my community...I don't bite, honestly. I really wish people would come to join here. It's just me a musicgrljulz...But apparently she forgot that she can post here too....
-sigh- I haven't been on in awhile, and I understand that. I am having computer issues and my Nook won't let me post things. Upsetting, right? I know...
Well, hopefully people will join eventually. That would make me happy happy happy~!
p.s. RAWR Janto
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I'm the Doctor

(fanfiction) Doctor Who: A New Look

Originally posted by spok_st at (fanfiction) Doctor Who: A New Look
Author's Note: Doctor Who and all the characters used are not mine, though that would be awesome. AND this is purely fictional. Slash warning, if you don't like, don't read. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!
  The floor of the Tardis was cold and most likely leaving its gratted impression on his face as he lay, passed out there. Helpless.
  A voice was calling to him, shaking him. It seemed so very far away though, and as if it were submerged in water. It was indistinguishable. Was the voice from a female, or a male? It was difficult to tell.
  As if something was moved or changed, the voice became clearer. It was calling out for medical assistance, a doctor. No...the wawy it seemed, the voice was calling for a specifc doctor, but why not call the doctor's name instead of the title itself? Oh...
  "Doctor! Doctor please..." the voice begged, shaking the man on the floor. "Doctor, please wake up!" the voice called.
  It seemed as though the voice was calling the man on the floor a doctor, but he was most certainly sure that he was not a--
  The man sat up quickly. "I'm the Doctor!" he exclaimed.
Chapter 1: Renewal
  "Thank heavens, Doctor! I was so worried you were..." there was a pause, "Well, you're not, so that's good. But your face, your body...everything has changed..." the voice said.
  The man, the Doctor, frowned. He felt his face. "My noe is back to being smaller at least..." he commented absently as his hand went up to his hair. "Oh and thank God! My hair isn't like a woman's anymore!" he smiled. He continued his inspection until he was certain that everything was as it should be.
  "Doctor, are you quite finished?" the voice asked, irritated. The Docto could now tell the voice was indeed female. He couldn't help himself thinking: 'I had really wished it male...'
  He must have gone for a moment, as when he refocused, there was a pretty woman kneeling in front of him, looking worriedly into his eyes. " 'Oy, Doctor, you all there now?" she asked.
  "Well, I do believe so...But if you don't mind me asking, who are you?" the Doctor asked.
  The woman's face fell slightly at the question. "I'm Amy..." she said quietly.
  The Doctor looked at her, puzzling. "Amy...Amy..." he mumbled. "My companion, Amy?" he asked. "Oh..Oh dear...I remember what happened dear..." he frowned.
  "Doctor, I don't want to go into it." she said, looking away sadly. "There's someone who has been waitin' for you to wake up..." she added. "Mind you, he isn't makin' a lick of sense." she grumbled.
  The Doctor tilted his head. "He? Who's waiting for me?" he asked, almost unable to contain his apparent excitement.
  "Well that's the thing, innit? He keeps saying his name is 'the Master', but...that's impossible...You told me--"
  Before Amy could finish, the Doctor had jumped up and run around he Tardis. "Where is he!?" he exclaimed.
  Amy calmly walked over to the Doctor. "He's outside. He's been waiting for some time now." she said.
  The Doctor nodded and wen to the door and threw it open. He looked around and spotted a blond haired man, his blue eyes sparkling.
  "Doctor..." the voice was different, but there was no mistaking it. The tone, that look. It was irrefutably the Master.
  "" the Doctor whispered. "How are you...How is that..." he was so stunned, that he was incapable of finishing his questions. He ran to the blon man, the Master, and wrapped his arms around him.
  The Master was slightly taken aback. "It's good to see you too..." he whispered.
Chapter 2: Together Again
  The Doctor sighed, and held the Master close. "I...I was sure I had lost you for good this time...How...?" he pushed the Master to arms length to look him in the eyes.
  The Master winked. "A good Time Lord never reveals his secrets." he chuckled.
  The Doctor playfully punched him. "I've been all over the universe, I suppose, searching for you, hoping against hope..."
  "I see you recently regenerated, Doctor." he smirked. "You've gotten into trouble, haven't you?" he asked and sighed.
  The Doctor shrugged. "Wouldn't know actually. My memories are still regenerating." he said.
  "Doctor! You should be restin if you haven't completely regenerated!" the Master reprimanded.
  "I wanted to see you...Amy said--"
  "Amy? Who's Amy? Do you have another companion with you?" he asked, slight anger apparent in his voice.
  The Doctor looked slighty taken aback. "What? Of course I have a companion...I always have a companion..." he said and frowned.
  "Well get rid of her!" the Master yelled. "You've got me now. Drop her off somewhere! Anywhere! Drop her off in a Black Hole for all I care!" he growled.
  The Doctor frowned. "Master--"
  "I love when you say my name..." he whispered against the Doctor's neck.
  The Doctor shivered and gently pushed th Master away. "Master, I can't just leave her!" he said forcefully. "She lost her husband and she has no one. We had each other..."
  "Well no you have me and she has no one. Get rid of her, Doctor. If you don't..." he paused. "If you don't, I'll eat hr while you sleep." he growled.
  Just as the Master said this, Amy stepped out of the Tardis. Her face blanched and she nearly fainted. "E-Eat me?" she whimpered.
Chapter 3: Falling Apart
"No. I won't let him eat you. I won't let you eat her." he said sternly.
  "You can't stop me if you're sleeping, Doctor." the Master growled.
  Amy looked between the two men. "Doctor...if he wants me to leave, I will. Just drop me off at my mother's house. I'll be fine." she said. "I'd rather not be eaten..." she added and laughed nervously.
  The Master chuckled. "She's a wise girl. Good choice." he added. He glanced at the Doctor, a gleam in his eyes. "Right then, let's get gone. Much to do." he said, walking to the Tardis.
  The Doctor glared angrily. "I watched you die...twice now. If you are to come with me on my adventurs, you have to promise that if I ask you to regenerate, you WILL regenerate." he said sternly. "Am I clear?" he asked.
  The Master looked at the Doctor, stared at him for a long time. " have my binding word. I will regenerate on your command, and on your command only." he said simply.
  Amy sighed, apparently not apart ofthe conversation anymore. She wandered into the Tardis and to the kitchen. She started cooking dinner. She knew the Doctor probably wouldn't eat, as per usual, but that new Time Lord seemed to be a hungry fellow.
  The Master sighed and took in a deep breath and froze. His eyes widened, and his mouth watered. "Doctor, I'm hungry. Do you smell it? Do you smell the fat, the juice, the meat. That smell. Do you smell it?" he asked, a bit of his crazy showing through.
  The Doctor raised an eyebrow. "Uhm...that'll be Amy. She makes dinner every night, tho' I must say I haven't ever really eaten with her." he said and sighed. "Everything she makes smells wonderful though, so it must be scrumptious." he said.
  The Master looked wide eyed at the Doctor. "Don't eat? Doctor, how can you not with all these smells?! All the delicious smells?!" he exclaimed.
  The Doctor's head lowered slightly, as he looked at the ground to hide his saddness. "I haven't really eaten since...Since I watched you die the first time...In my arms..." he said and a tear fell down his cheek.
Chapter 4: Dinner
  The Master hurried into the Tardis and sniffed the air impatiently. "Where are you? Where is the food?!" he exclaimed.
  Amy peeked out of the kitchen. "Ah, Master.Over here. I'm not finished cooking yet." she said.
  The Doctor stepped inside and closed the door behind him. "Amy, do be careful with him. He's an eater." he sighed and looked at the Master, who was giving him a toothy grin.
  "I realized..." she murmured. "Will you be eating with us, Doctor?" she asked, knowing full well he would decline, but finding it rude to not at least ask.
  "Sorry, no thank you. I've got a bit of...stuff to do." he said and sighed. He wandered off to his room.
  Amy glanced the wy the Doctor had left an sighed. "Poor Doctor...he never has much of an appetite. I just don't understand it..." she turned to the Master. "You two are complete opposites." she added.
  She set a plate of food down in front of him. "Eat up then, Master." she said. "God only know where we're headed next, so eat while you can." she added and smiled.
  The Master's eyes sparkled and he ate greedily, using only his hands. "You are quite a good cook. You'd make a wonderful wife." he said and chuckled. "Too bad I'd be too focused and tempted to eat you..."
  Amy's eyes watered and she hurried out of the kitchen. Several minutes later, the Doctor hurried in. "What did you say to her?" he asked. "She's bawling her eyes out in one of the bathrooms..." he added.
  The Master frowned. "I wonder if it was the 'wonderful wife' part, or the 'I'll eat you' part..." he murmured, licking his fingers happily.
  The Doctor glared. "You idiot! I told you she recently lost her husband!" he growled. !How can you be so consistantly insensitive?!" he asked angrily. He hurried out and pounded on the bathroom door. "Amy! Amy please come out, my dear." he called, pleadingly.
  The Master growled. "Amy..." he growled again. "Amy...that bitch!" he hissed.
Chapter 5: Odd One Out
  "Just get us to my home as soon as possible Doctor. I can't stand that...well, tht creature!" she said through the bathroom door. "I don't know how you two were friends! He's evil, and rude, and completely self-centered!" she added in a fury.
  The Doctor frowed. "Amy, dear, I don't think he meant to upset you in this way. He merely...he was complimenting you..." he said and frowned.
  Amy opened the door a crack and peeked out to glare at the Doctor. "That man? Compliment me? A woman? Your companion?" she sked and scoffed. "Right. That would happen." she said sarcastically.
  The Doctor frowned. "Give him a chance, Amy. He wsn't always like this...My people made him into what he is. The Schism drove him mad..." he said sadly. "He's important to me. Special to me." he added quietly.
  She frowned. "Then take me home and you two 'love birds' can be alone." she said angrily.
  The Doctor frowned. "Amy..." he looked at her sadly, and she slammed the door in his face. The Doctor frowned. "Amy..." he repeated.
  The Master walked past. "Why don' you marry her then?" he growled. He stormed off and pouted somewhere in the Tardis.
  The Doctor sank to the floor, holding his head. "Those two...I'm sure who to side with, where to go..."
  He stood up and controlled the Tardis, aiming for Amy's time, to bring her home. Helping the Master was slightly higher on his to-do list than travelling with some broken-hearted human woman. Besides, the Master was the only other Time Lord in existence...that had to count for something.
  He carefully calculated their landing and held on as they hit. He heard two distinct cries of surprise and both Amy and the Master hurried out.
"What the bloody hell was that?!" Amy exclaimed. She stormed over to the Doctor.
"A warning, Doctor, would have been nice." the Master muttered and glared at Amy.
"Both of you, shut up." the Doctor said quickly. "Amy, gather your things, we're at your mother's house. Master, grab a coat, it's cold out and I'm taking you to eat." he snapped. 
Amy and the Master exchanged looks of surprise. They blinked at the Doctor's snappish attitude. "Where did that sort of command come from, Doctor? Your balls finally decide to drop?" the Master chuckled and Amy blushed at the comment. She hurried out of the room to get her things.
The Doctor glared at the Master. "I could cancel our dinner plans if you're going to act like that." he said angrily.
The Master blinked. "Doctor, what has gotten into you?" he asked and frowned.
Chapter 6: Going Home
  "Alright then, Ms. Amy..." the Doctor smiled. "Are you ready to be home?" he asked.
    Amy sighed and her eyes watered. She dropped her things and threw her arms around the Doctor and squeezed him. "I'll miss you, Doctor." she whispered. "My ragedy doctor...our adventures were great..." she sighed.
  The Doctor sighed. "I...I really am really sorry...about Rory." he murmured. "I hadn't meant for things to go so.."
  "Horribly? It's fine..." she whispered. "Stay safe, Doctor. That man you've taken as a companion...he's dangerous."
  "I know that more than you, dear. He's my best friend though." he murmured. "Now go on. Go home. Out of my Tardis." he said and chuckled lightly.
  Amy got up on her toes and kissed the Doctor's forehead. "Safe travels. Perhaps if I need help again, I'll wish for you. After all, you can't ignore a cry for help. My crazy man and his box..." she chuckled.
  The Doctor smiled and sighed. "Yes, this is true. My curse perhaps." he said and nudged Amy slightly. "I'll help you with your stuff." he said. He picked up one of Amy's bags. "Master, I'll be right back, but please don't do anything stupid." he said. "The Tardis will malfunction if anyone besides me tries to use it." he added and locked her up.
  The Master grumbled and sat in the kitchen, glaring as the Doctor and Amy left. 'Stupid Theta...stupid'
  The Doctor walked Amy to the door. "Alright safe." he said and smiled. He hugged her briefly and then walked away, back to the Tardis, not even glancing back. he had a new job, and it was tougher and more dangerous than any he had had before.
Chapter 7: New Troubles

TO BE CONTINUED!! Only if people like it and ask for more though...It's a lot of typing on a crappy keyboard if no one wants to read it...
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I'm the Doctor

Introducing, NerdVille~!

So, this is my community. It's a place for anyone and everone who is a nerd for one thing or another. Mostly I'm into Doctor Who, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, [a little Star Wars], and a bunch of different anime. It's so much, I know. But anyone who wants to join, feel free to. You can put virtually anything here, from complaints to slash fic. Please be nice to everyone here once people start posting. If I see peoples being total jerks, I'll ban you in a heart beat. This place is meant for freedom. Freedom to say what you want in the nicest way possible. ;)  so please please no bashing. I really don't want to have to ban anyone...

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